Eval Kit


Key features

  • Small form factor with only 14 mm diameter
  • Low base torque of less than 1 mNm
  • Dual mounting points for thumb-wheel application
  • Removable encoder and cradle to install in your prototype
  • Fully programmable haptic feedback patterns
  • Does NOT include HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro (required to operate Eval Kits)

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Join the haptic revolution

With our HAPTICORE Eval Kits, you can easily test our serial products and integrate them into your prototypes. The HAPTICORE Eval Kit encoder comes mounted in a bracket, allowing you to try out the haptic feedback in a test environment using our HAPTICORE Xperience software.

And once you’re ready for the next step, simply remove the HAPTICORE encoder from the mounting and integrate it into your prototype. With our HAPTICORE Customer Test App and the accompanying video tutorials, you can easily create your own haptic feedback modes, tailored to your product’s use case.

Please note: To operate the HAPTICORE Eval Kit you need an Eval Kit Control Unit. The easiest way to join our #hapticrevolution is using our HAPTICORE Eval Kit Bundles, sets including both the HAPTICORE Eval Kit encoder as well as an Eval Kit Control Unit.



This HAPTICORE Eval Kit includes the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1.

With a diameter of 14 mm and a weight of just 8.2 grams, HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 is our smallest rotary encoder. The low base torque of less than 1mNm ensures comfortable operation, even during long-term usage. And the power supply of only 5V opens up a wide range of applications.

Learn more about our smallest HAPTICORE rotary encoder and its technical features.

The image shows the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 from a side view, providing a good overview of the entire outer casing with the additional side bearing point for operation as a thumb roller, the three screw points for cover attachment, and the adapter to plug in the connection cable.

Ready for your prototype project

The HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 comes in a pre-assembled test kit. The encoder can easily be removed from its housing by loosening the screws on the bottom. This way you can install the HAPTICORE in your prototype or test it separately.

Best haptics performance with the use of included bracket!

Side view of the HAPTICORE 14-P001X1 Eval Kit. You can see the square metal stand in which the HAPTICORE rotary haptic actuator is installed and a metal scroll wheel, the cover of the actuator, which can be tested with the haptic feedback demonstration & test software, HAPTICORE Xperience. There are also two screws on the side to which the center plate is attached inside the metal stand.

Explore unlimited haptic feedback patterns

With our fully programmable technology, any haptic feedback pattern can be created for a more intuitive and tailored user experience. The number and strength of ticks per rotation as well as the rotation angles and rotation resistance can be customized and combined to your needs. But the HAPTICORE can not only adapt its haptic feedback pattern. Also, the feel of every haptic sensation can be adjusted via software.

Scope of delivery

Mounted cover (not removable)
Housing and cradle
6-pin connection cable to connect with HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro
Ribbon cable
Cable adapter PCBA
HAPTICORE Xperience (Quick Start Demo Software)
HAPTICORE Customer Test App (for advanced testing and prototyping)
Quickstart Guide
HAPTICORE Haptic Functions Documentation
HAPTICORE Firmware Update Guide
HAPTICORE .NET Library Documentation
HAPTICORE Serial Communication Protocol Documentation
HAPTICORE .Net Library

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