Eval Kit Bundle –


incl. HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro

Key features

  • Full development setup (incl. encoder, HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro, firmware & software package)
  • Removable encoder to install in your prototype
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Highest barrier torque in portfolio
  • Fully programmable haptic feedback patterns
  • Integrated push function

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 1.050,00 excl. VAT

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Get the Eval Kit Bundle for a complete development setup

The HAPTICORE 40-P001X1 Eval Kit Bundle is your entrance into the world of adaptive haptic technologies by XeelTech. With the Eval Kit Bundle, we provide you with all the hardware, electronics, and software to design and test your custom haptic modes and evaluate our HAPTICORE encoders under real-life conditions on your test bench.

For an easy start, you can use the HAPTICORE Xperience application, our plug-and-play test software with a preselection of haptic feedback patterns. Once you gain your first experience, you can remove the HAPTICORE  from its stand, mount it in your prototype, and use the Customer Test App, to create tailored haptic feedback patterns for every interaction with your HMI.

Ready for your prototype project

The HAPTICORE 40-P001X1 offers a particularly robust design which makes it especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. In addition, it provides a remarkable performance level and thus the highest barrier torque of our existing product portfolio.

Find out more about the technical specifications on the product page!

The HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro

The HAPTICORE Eval Kits are designed for you to easily experience, develop and test our haptic feedback in your use case.

With the HAPTICORE Control unit Pro, we provide you with the development setup to build and test haptic modes on your computer, easily integrate the actuators with custom haptics into your prototype, and even test their performance and durability on your test bench.

Please note that the Control unit Pro is used only during the development stage and will not be required in the integration of any HAPTICORE actuator in serial production.

Explore unlimited haptic feedback patterns

With our fully programmable technology, any haptic feedback pattern can be created for a more intuitive and tailored user experience. The number and strength of ticks per rotation as well as the rotation angles and rotation resistance can be customized and combined to your needs. But the HAPTICORE can not only adapt its haptic feedback pattern. Also, the feel of every haptic sensation can be adjusted via software.

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Scope of delivery

HAPTICORE 40-P001X1 with mounted cover (cover removable)
Stand (HAPTICORE pre-mounted but removable)
HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro
6 pin connection cable to connect with HAPTICORE Control Unit Pro
Cable adapter PCBA
USB-C cable
12V Power supply with interchangable blades

Software Bundle

HAPTICORE Xperience (Plug & Play Demonstration Software)
HAPTICORE Customer Test App (for advanced testing and prototyping)
HAPTICORE Haptic Functions Documentation
HAPTICORE Firmware Update Guide
HAPTICORE .NET Library Documentation
HAPTICORE Serial Communication Protocol Documentation