Key features

  • Typical applications: Home appliances, Consumer electronics
  • Designed for 3 finger forces
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Integrated push function
  • 12,1 mm protruding encoder height

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Technical Data

Diameter55 mm
Height75 mm
Protruding encoder height12,1 mm
Weight250 g
Sensor resolution0.1°
Sensor placementIntegrated in the shaft
PCBAOnly sensor
Electrical interface – connector6 Pin Header 2.54 mm
Electrical interface – sensorI²C (400 kHz)
Rated insulation voltage – coil28 V
Supply voltage – sensor3.3 V (+2.8 V to 3.5 V)
 Minimum coil driver supply voltage 12 V for barrier / 5 V for ticks
Max. coil supply current1 A for 10 min
ESD protectionIEC61000−4−2 Level 4
Contact Discharge ±8kV
Air Discharge ±15kV
Mounting pointSingle mounting point
Mounting diameter @ customer interfaceø 45.4 mm incl. flat points
Push functionYes
Push actuating force 7 ± 3.5 N or 14 ± 3 N
Push travel~ 0,7 ±0,25 mm
Exterior MRF chamberMetal
Push mechanismPlastic
Mounting adapterPlastic
Magnetorheological materialMagnetorheological fluid (MRF) Standard
Cover mounting mechanismPlugged or optional screwed with a M2 screw
 Recommended cover diameter
44 to 57 mm
Performance data
 Lifetime rotations200.000
 Lifetime push actuation400.000
Operating temperature range– 10 °C to +85 °C
Storage & Transport temperature range
– 40 °C to +105 °C
Max. barrier torque≥ 0.7 Nm at 1 A coil current
Mean base torque ≤ 50 mNm